Adji Herdanto
Design Director


A Designer based in Surabaya – Indonesia, that obsessed with minimalist design and iconography. Mainly working on various project in a various media from prints to digital with focus on branding, visual identity, graphic design, editorial design, and icon design.

His works has been featured in several design websites and books such as Underconsideration, Behance Served, Art4d Asia, Design and Design Showcase, Artpower, Sandu Publishing, and so forth.

In his spare times, he likes to do a musical experiment with his un-famous music group called Robot and riding a bicycle.


Anas Kautsar
Project Manager


Responsible in handling and manage studio projects. He had previous work experience as copywriter in several multi-national advertising agencies. His brand experience is more than 30 brands such as Carls Jr, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Guinness, Nescafe, Pizza Hut, Sony, Tokopedia, Volvo Trucks, and many others. In 2014, his radio ad series awarded as Gold and Silver in Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, ADFEST.

Besides his role as project manager, he is also a graphic designer that designing the brand of Saba House, rebranding Kostoo Furniture, Gantari Interior Works and also co-founding a commercial public space in Surabaya called Skale Creative Space.

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